Thursday, 24 October 2019

I've been robbed!  - Yes!

At this time of year, with Thanksgiving still in the air, I've been off on a nostalgia trip -  looking at pictures of my children, grandchildren, family and old friends, and It suddenly dawned on me that they have been robbing my heart, bit by bit.  Actually, they have been offering me fair trade:  tiny pieces of each of their hearts have become indelibly etched into my own, and they are not here for the short-term, but will be staying forever.

We are part of a much larger picture that goes back generations; the little child, that is still in me, remains a part of my parents, siblings, children's and friends' lives forever, and the reverse is also true;
That thought challenges me to fulfill my potential as far as I can - If I'm giving away pieces of my heart, I want to make sure that they are well-polished, and the best that I can offer.
-  so many pieces of so many hearts - how lucky are we!

What  wonder just touched me,
From where did it start,
This déjà vu feeling
That's stirring my heart;

It crept up within me,
It knocked on my door,
And I bid it to enter,
As I'd done times before;

A memory intense,
Danced forth like a child,
Pushed passed the worries,
Then surfaced and smiled;

It played in my mind,
Then too soon it was gone,
A poem unfinished,
A nostalgic sweet song,

But another was waiting,
To visit or stay,
To lift up my heart,
To brighten my day;
From deep in my core,
He reassured me,
"I've got this,
No worries,
 Just leave it with me."

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