Sunday, 2 February 2020

Finding The Light

Finding The Light
This January has certainly lived up to its reputation of being the gloomiest month of the year, and that gloom is reflected in the faces and posture of so many of us.  It is very hard to pull out our own personal light, that sunshine that is so badly needed in these days of dark forecasts, seemingly everywhere.
  Perhaps we need to look for sources of 'lightness' that may not be as obvious as the sun;  Laughter is one light that is very powerful, although it may take awhile to find the light switch, the titter toggle, the humour handle!   It is  always there, in the ordinary things around us.  We are most likely to find it if we  search  first  within ourselves;  in our own activities, habits, pet peeves, vanity, material possessions;  Comedians get the most laughs when they point out our foibles and fears, and their own,  for it is then that we breathe a relieved sigh, acknowledging  that we are all in the same boat, and that we all take ourselves way too seriously.
 While searching for the laughter switch, we can prime our light with a multitude of smiles; perhaps the brightest light source is to be found in the eyes of those we share our smiles with.   In the end, we are all unique yet the same underneath, human,  and it is very healing to laugh at ourselves.   On our lives' journey, let us check within and make sure we're trimming our  light so that it will shine out for those who are having trouble finding the lighthouse:
The Goal Is The Journey
I searched for a lighthouse,
A home for a light
That would shine out for others,
A guide through the night;
Through the darkness that grips us
When we lose our way,
When we feel we're alone,
When our faith's gone away,
And we ponder and wonder,
Is that all there is?

My own bit of light
That I tended each day,
 I hoped would grow larger
Would light others' way,
But the small gifts I shared,
Seem so little and poor;
In the time I was given,
I wish I'd shone more,
And I hope and I trust
That that's not all there is;

Drawing nearer the lighthouse,
When that beam is in sight,
We reach our hand out
To the source of the light,
And there we find grace,
In all of its glory,
A path through the doubt,
To a wondrous new story;

The goal is the journey,
And we'll be alright,
If we trust in that lighthouse,
Where love beams its light.

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