Thursday, 5 November 2020


My Mother's Coat

As I brought it out, and offered it
To one I did not know,
I felt Mom's essence all around
 As she wisely let me know:
This lovely coat was given me
At a time when I was low,
Now someone else is waiting,
It's time to let it go;
My love that lived within its arms
Was bequeathed to you bit by bit,
Through good and bad, as years went by,
It never lost its fit;
I tried to find some hope each day
To add to my coat's lining,
To save within its pockets,
And keep its spirit shining;
Now someone else is shivering,
From the cold, or lack of love,
Loneliness can be very harsh
Despite the warmest glove;
There is no need to feel a loss,
Its journey must go on;
The gratitude I felt back then
When Winter winds blew strong,
I pass to you, and use your hands
To share some kindness still;
Some mother will be grateful
For a shelter from the chill;
A coat is only useful
When it's giving warmth away,
So don't regret this letting go,
My love is here to stay.
                Thank you Mom

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