Friday, 4 December 2020


Christmas In Your Neighbourhood - Christmas Ripples


As your eyes rest on the Babe in the manger,

            Turn, and see:

Another baby - sleeping in a stroller;

            A young mother struggling to push the stroller,

A young student, walking beside the mother;

            A gentleman offering a greeting to the mother

And a smile to the baby,

            And to the student, who is now pushing the stroller;

See the elderly lady in the nursing home

            Welcoming the young mother and student,

Who stops the stroller and gently holds the baby up

            To be greeted and touched;

The friends of the elderly lady,

            Now coming over to join in on the scene

With their smiles and warm greetings;

            The caregiver at the home,

Building on those greetings with her own cheerful laugh,

            And offering a chair to the mother, who now rests her handicapped leg;

The homeless man, watching the scene unfold through the window;

            The young social worker handing him a hot cup of cocoa,

Topped with a genuine smile;

            Down the street, a small boy

Gingerly putting a favourite toy into a collection basket

            While his father nods his approval,

His own steps now brighter;

            And now,

Turn your gaze back,

            In reverent awe,

To the Babe in the manger,

            Who is smiling at the gift,

The awakened wonder

            He has shared with you

This Christmas season.


Who’s my brother?

Who’s my sister?

Who’s my neighbour, pal and friend?

You’re my brother, sister, pal,

And we’re all neighbours in the end!  


"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

             - Charles Dickens              


 Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone!

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