Wednesday, 3 June 2020

I Can't Breathe  

With recent fearful events unfolding around the world, and in particular with the focus on systemic racism that was brought to light so vividly and terribly in Minneapolis this past week, I borrowed the phrase spoken by George Floyd as he died;

I Can't Breathe!

Watching cruelty unfold,
The attack on our soul,
The sliding of hope,
Down a dangerous slope,
We are better than that - aren't we?
I felt the suffocation,
I can't breathe!

The bully and bullied,
Two victims collide,
Coloured by two worlds,
While we stand and chide,
Do we consider ourselves a threat to others?
That's where fear does its best work,
I can't breathe!

Feeling fear taking hold,
Tightening its grip,
Waiting for hope
To falter and slip;
In the grip of depression,
I thrashed in the dark;
I can't breathe!

Afraid of our fellow man,
Afraid for our health,
Afraid for what might come,
The loss of our wealth,
When did  we welcome fear,
Ask it to reign,
I asked my inner child, "How did we get here?”
With a heavy sigh, she cried,
I can't breathe!

Then I felt a tug from my memory,
A tiny child in colours bright,
Reaching up to hold my hand,
No sign of anger or of fright,
Just love in all its innocence,
She poured her joy into my soul,
And took my breath away;
I can't breathe!

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