Thursday, 18 June 2020

You know that isolation is getting to you when you start looking at mice as kindred spirits!
As I was meditating my way through some Tai Chi movements this morning, I happened to notice a mousetrap set in the corner of the room, and my mind suddenly headed off on a nostalgia trip.   It took me back to some of my early artistic endeavours; children's pictures that included  some of these wee folk dressed up in quaint costumes; happy little pictures, of happy little creatures, in happy little settings.
In this time of isolation, when our individual personal environments are drastically reduced, when our tactile interaction with those we love is interrupted,  I am reminded that we all share a larger family home:  Nature waits, with its arms wide open, to welcome our long-overdue attention and appreciation, and to give back happiness in return - we need look no further than the small, simple things.

  A Mousey Meditation!

As I sat, meditating,
And searching for light,
An ominous mouse trap
Came into my sight;
Off in a corner,
Of my humble house,
Sitting there, waiting
For some little mouse
To come, uninvited,
And fall for the trap;
I winced as I thought of him
Caught with a snap!

Perhaps that wee creature
Was watching me too,
Waiting nearby,
And seeing right through
My frustrated efforts,
As I tried too hard
To find life's deep meaning;
He'd catch me off guard;
Keeping it simple,
He'd gobble the cheese,
And leave with a 'thank you!'
As bold as you please,
Wishing me luck,
As I seemed to be stuck,
Caught in my own mousetrap! 

  Keep it simple -  gobble the love, leave pride in the trap!

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