Monday, 27 April 2020

Isolation Blues!

Isolation Blues!

These days, we're all singing the Isolation blues in our own unique ways; some of us are feeling very out of tune and trying hard to reach those positive high notes;  For some of us, we are finding the verses getting annoyingly repetitious!
Please forgive the musical irony - It comes after listening to the many wonderful concerts, at so many levels that are being generously offered by musicians, artists and athletes, both locally and around the world to raise money to help our fellow countrymen during this time of crisis.
All of us want to contribute whatever talents we have, to express our love and thanks to all of the front line workers putting themselves at risk every day, and to help the less fortunate.   Giving back in whatever way we can,  particularly the act of sacrificing closeness with our family and friends, makes us all part of this wonderful 'Team Canada'.   

As I was breathing deeply, and letting go of the stress for awhile, I wrote a simple little poem that expresses a desire for peaceful happy times.  It also encompasses gratitude for the silver lining in all of this down time - a chance to really look and listen to each other, to our children and grandchildren, and to appreciate the really important elements of life.

What if?

What if there was no war to fear,
No hurtful words
To wound the ear,
No vain attempt
To have it all,
No selfish smirks
When others fall;

What if we gathered smiles and flowers,
If loving acts
Were our super powers;
If we rose each day
In gratitude,
Spreading smiles
In happy mood;

If we, like children, saw the world,
One tiny wonder
At a time,
With curiosity
Each challenge,
But a tree to climb;

What if we saw our work as play,
And laughed,
As little children do;
While giving love
In simple ways,
Needing just to hear,
 "Me too!"

Then, let us lay our troubles down,
And take some time,
Be still awhile,
Take our cue
From little ones,
Paint rainbows,
And share a smile!

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