Saturday, 4 April 2020

 A Calm In The Storm

There is a calm before each storm,
Or so we've come to think,
And isn't it an awful shame
We let our spirits sink;

Before our souls have time to rest,
To  bask awhile in gentleness,
Thoughts break in of what might come,
When soft turns harsh, when calm is done;

Why waste the balm of healing scents
And healing sounds, when worries stop;
Why let unquiet walk with us,
And wait for some great shoe to drop;

Let's wrap our arms around it tight,
Embrace the calm - soak in its light,
Bid our hearts to see the good,
And shout our thanks, for well we should;

Enjoy this day - this time we've got,
For night may come, or it may not;
Let calm surround us every day,
And when despair gets in our way,
Then tiny acts of love perform,
And be the calm that quells the storm.

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