Monday, 13 April 2020

When we are unable to share our actual hugs with loved ones, then we can send out the essence of our hugs - the warmth that we wish to impart, spiritually.  At the same time, let us be still and feel the love of our heavenly Father as he surrounds us with his healing hugs in the encounters we have with our fellow man and with nature, in petals and on wings.

Petals And Wings

Hugs are extensions,
That warm and impart
An oasis of calm
As they cradle the hearts
Of the family and friends
That they hold in their arms;
They welcome, impart love,
And hold safe from harm;

"If you give me a hug,
The little bird said,
As she looked at the flower
Up over her head;
I'll give you my song
To hold in your heart,
To keep and repeat
While we travel apart."

"My friend, I do wish
That my leaves could hug tight,
I'd hold you so close,
But try as I might,
I can only send love
From my petals of blue,
 I hope that you feel it,
This hug is for you."

When our arms are not able
To reach or to hold,
When distance or circumstance
Stops our hugs cold,
Then, the arms of our spirits
 Can turn into springs,
That carry hugs freely,
On petals and wings.

And God's hug surrounds us
On petals and wings.

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