Saturday, 4 April 2020

We are all feeling helpless right now in varying degrees, and that condition leaves us fear-filled.  Though illness may attack us physically, the mental toll that it takes can infect us and be equally devastating, robbing us of true quality of life;  We are too ready to give ourselves short shrift, not realizing and recognizing the incredible strengths and gifts that lie within each of us; They are ours to direct in healing ways, and when shared selflessly and generously, our simple positive actions and sacrifices combined can grow into a powerful force indeed!    When the waves of anxiety buffet our little boats, then let's take courage as we head into the wind, with our prayers manning the oars, hope as our sail, and the love of family of friends as our companions, helping to pull us onwards towards the light that will surely shine again.
The Light Will Shine Again

The clouds will part
And the sun will shine,
We'll lift our voices
In song sublime,
A healing breeze
Will dry our tears,
A loving God
Will calm our fears,
And we'll come out stronger
On the other side;

We'll gift each other
With grateful smiles
For the parts we played
To ease the trials
Of friends and  neighbours,
Those in need,
Each sacrifice
A precious seed;
And we'll come out kinder
On the other side;

We will dance once more,
Hold each other tight,
And we'll  walk once more
Our steps in light,
The earth will sigh
And begin to heal
As we give our thanks
With grateful zeal;
And we'll come out wiser
On the other side.

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